I LOVE DONUTS, and located on historic route 66 is The Donut Man, THE BEST DONUT PLACE IN THE WORLD!

The Donut Man has been in Glendora for over 40 years, and has been featured on numerous travel and food shows. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have so many delicious choices. This day we traveled to The Donut Man for his seasonal peach stuffed donuts (it was the last day they had them for the season ūüė¶ ) and his famous foot long tiger tail doughnut.¬†IMG_2442Look at all that donut-ty goodness. See those peach guys in the distance, they’re a thing of beauty.

IMG_2444The peach donut starts out with a potato flower, glazed doughnut with no hole in it. They slice the doughnut in half 3/4 of the way and spoon a ton of peaches into the center. You can eat it with a fork or eat it like a hamburger and make a mess.¬†IMG_2436I love doughnuts, and I love peaches, so this was an amazing combo. I’ve been looking forward to peach season at The Donut Man all summer. This is one happy girl. I think I can easily say that this was the best doughnut I’ve ever had.

We also got a Tiger Tail doughnut (I forgot to take a pic of it). It is a foot long twist doughnut made with potato flower and chocolate, and was also amazing. The Tiger Tail was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and chocolatey on the inside.¬†IMG_2445After the long drive to Glendora it wouldn’t be worth it to buy two donuts and go home, so I bought some to snack on later.¬†IMG_2441I can’t wait to make another visit to the donut man, it’s a good thing he’s so far away or I’d be there all the time with an ever growing waistline.

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DSC_0085Casablanca is one of those restaurants I drove by a million times on my way to work, and one night decided to stop in. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. This one of a kind restaurant combines Mexican cuisine with the 1943 Academy Award winning movie, Casablanca. I am a HUGE fan of the film, and that combined with a killer margarita makes a good night for me. 
DSC_0071 DSC_0074

Casablanca  has a large collection of memorabilia, the owner, Carlos Haro, Jr., showed me his time capsule from the film, cement hand prints of the cast, and don’t forget to see the life size statute of Humphrey Bogart.DSC_0076

Not only does this restaurant have an amazing theme, it has fantastic food. There is a woman in the middle of the of the restaurant making hand-made flour tortillas, which are brought straight from her grill to your table with green salsa made with avocado, cilantro and cheese.


My favorite part of Casablanca is the Tequila Express. Run by my man Chip, he has a variety of tequilas and can tell you everything about them. They also make their own sweet and sour mix and these margaritas are just, dare I say it, the best I’ve ever had. (I think I want to go get one right now…)


For dinner I always have the fish tacos, and this time Joel got seafood brochette. We enjoyed our food while a woman in the corner quietly played traditional Mexican songs, she sings beautifully and it really adds to the ambiance of the restaurant.

DSC_0082¬†Behind Joel you can see one of the murals that decorate the walls of the restaurant. This one is of the inside of Rick’s Cafe, where most of the movie is set.

DSC_0083Live Music, hand-made tortillas, themed¬†decor, and a margarita to DIE for, this restaurant has everything. One of my favorite spots for overall experience, Casablanca is a place you must stop at if you’re in the Venice area. I highly recommend the the film and the restaurant.¬†


Romper – Forever 21

Sandals – Forever 21

Bag – Target


They also have the parking spots reserved for each actor, that night we parked in Paul Henreid’s spot, who plays the handsome¬†Victor Laszlo¬†in the film.

Click here to learn more about the restaurant, and here to learn more about the film.

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IMG_0892Last weekend we had hoped to take a hike up in Malibu and check out some more Hollywood dining. However, we were a little too tired and fatigued from the previous week and opted for grabbing some burgers and fries at Yard House.IMG_0891IMG_0890We drove down to Marina Del Rey and had to wait about 10 minutes before being seated at this massive “upscale-casual” gastro pub in the heart of the Marina’s up and coming mall district. Loee recommended Yard House as we took a long while deciding on food and they have a long menu containing everything from deviled eggs to burgers and gourmet mac and cheeses. The style of food is definitely more Americana but they did have some Southwest ¬†and asian style dishes if you wanted something more ethnic.IMG_0875IMG_0874We were seated at a high table by the bar (comfortable but barely large enough to hold 4 dishes and 4 open menus). They have a ton of craft beers and cocktails but we decided not to order drinks this time around. Loee and Joel did order a couple appetizers: Deviled eggs and a seriously gooey Lobster and Artichoke dip with fresh pita for the table. The pita to dip ratios was a little skewed but the mix of artichokes and seasoning and lobster was pretty good.IMG_0871IMG_0872IMG_0870For dinner we all got pretty varied dishes. Joel got the¬†MEDITERRANEAN SEARED SCALLOPS (pan seared scallops with roasted pasilla & spicy hummus with a brown rice sun-dried tomato tabouleh)¬†and LETTUCE WRAPS (stir fried, smoked tofu, pine nuts and green onions with three dipping sauces and choice chicken, tiger shrimp, or shiitake & portabella mushrooms).¬†IMG_0885¬†Loee the¬†BBQ BACON CHEDDAR BURGER (applewood smoked bacon, rum bbq sauce and garlic a√Įoli with fries)¬†IMG_0886¬†IMG_0887¬†Jeff the¬†GRILLED PASTRAMI (new york style pastrami with pickled jalape√Īos & mayo on garlic french bread with fries).IMG_0883I opted for the¬†ROASTED TURKEY MELT (swiss, pickled jalapenos and mayo on garlic french bread with fries) and I have to say, this was the lightest least messy yet still full and savory sandwich I have ever had from a restaurant. Although it was¬†stuffed it was light as air. Loee mentioned that although her burger was good, it was not her favorite dish from Yard House. As she frequents this place with coworkers she said that the Mac and cheese is definitely her favorite dish. The shoe string fries were delicious but they unfortunately left them out of mine and Jeff’s To-Go boxes. If you dont’ finish you meal make sure you ask for these little guys to go. The atmosphere was energetic but quite dark. The bar was huge however and there was plenty of seating that the wait seemed short even on a Saturday evening at dinner.IMG_0878IMG_0877¬†They have a wall of windows where you can check out all the beers they have brewing for the restaurant. They boast over 130 different beers and have plenty of huge 8 person booths for grabbing a drink and food with friends.¬†IMG_0888¬†The wrap around bar had a ton of seats and flat screen TVs. For a relatively low LA dining price you can definitely find something to eat and watch at Yard House Check out their menu¬†here. Thanks so much for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and¬†YouTube Channel¬†for more L&A. xoxo

It’s so Cool Haus

IMG_1044We love ice cream. We like to consider ourselves connoisseurs of the scoop. After walking about in the hot sun of Old Town Pasadena the other weekend, we were in need of something cool and delicious.


Ever since Jeff and I saw Cool Haus had a shoppe a block from his house, we knew we needed to add it to the “Check this place out ASAP” list. When we saw the infamous pink house sign illuminated on E. Colorado Blvd. in Old Town we knew we found our cool¬†spot.





IMG_1048Pasadena’s Cool Haus is conveniently located in a communal dining hall with a juicery and a Pie Hole. Although their stand is small, their selection of flavors is great. They consistently rotate through seasonal and custom flavors. Since moving to LA I have¬†pretty much become lactose intolerant, adopting the Soy/Almond/Coconut alternatives. I am usually quick to find a potential sorbet to quench my cool thirst first. But, this girl also needs a chocolate fix almost hourly so I was torn on which flavor to get at Cool Haus…when I saw it.

They have a Dark. Chocolate. Sorbet. What? Stop it.



It was sooo good you guys, you cannot imagine how happy I was to see two desires meet in such a sweet and stomach friendly synthesis of ice-creamy goodness. As they let you get two flavors in their one [generous] scoop option I also picked the Lemon Thyme sorbet. You wouldn’t think lemon and dark chocolate would work – but it did. It so did.



Jeff opted for the incredible complex and very LA chicken and waffles with Nutella mixed in. He wasn’t sure he¬†could really taste the chicken and waffles flavor but the consistency of the¬†ice cream was amazing.



IMG_1094 The scoopers were awesome and we sat and enjoyed our ice cream for a quite a little while people watching from the front windows.


Cool Haus may be be amongst my top LA dessert spots after that day. If you can, please check out their Culver City location or any one you can find near you. They also offer pints and Dry Soda Floats. Lavender and dark chocolate? Yes, that is pry happening next….


IMG_1092¬†You can check out Cool Haus’ website here. We plan on frequenting the Culver City Cool Haus…asap.

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Randy’s Donuts!

IMG_0792My dear friend Sarah is moving to New York City this summer. We are in the process of crossing things off of her LA Bucket List. Last weekend we journeyed over to Randy’s Donuts. For anyone who travels on the 405 regularly, this iconic giant Donut most notably marks the exits for LAX.

IMG_0793Although there isn’t much around Randy’s in terms of dining and entertainment, people just keep coming by this notable LA bakery. Randy’s has a fairly large parking lot and a drive up window for convenient donut acquisition. We decided to park and walk up to the main counter, reminiscent of a neighborhood ice cream shoppe.





We took a look at the menu and both agreed sprinkles would be necessary. We then gazed over the counter into the bakery and saw mounds of cream and jelly filled beauties and figured a couple of those were needed for good measure. Four donuts cost us around 6 dollars. We even got a bonus chocolate covered cream filled donut as a surprise in our bag!




We have to admit that Randy’s Donuts aren’t the best we’ve ever had. However, they lasted us through out the day (eating healthy on a weekend?!) and gave us a fun memory together at a famous LA landmark.




We suggest eating the donuts in the parking lot for that back-in-High-school-and-no-where-else-to-be feel. Make sure you grab enough napkins though, they can get quite messy.




If you are in the Inglewood area or need to pick someone up at LAX make sure to drive through Randy’s for a little something sweet ūüôā¬†You can check out Randy’s website here. Don’t forget, National Donut Day is June 1st ūüôā Plenty of time to plan a trip to Randy’s!


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We always sit at The Counter

ImageWhen I first moved to LA, I spent a weekend in Hollywood with Loee and Joel. The very first restaurant they took me to was The Counter. It was their absolute favorite burger place and they wanted to take me there as a welcome to LA. Today, it is one of our go-to dining spots in the city.



What is amazing about The Counter is that you, the eater, are in total control of your meal. ¬†They give you a pencil and a clipboard and you get to select how much meat you would like (or their veggie burger is INSANELY good), and exactly how you want it. You can get a traditional burger on a bun or top it onto various lettuce beds. The best part is…the toppings! Over 60 different veggies, cheeses and sauces are available. You can pick anything from grilled pineapple to fried eggs, from french gruyere to habanero salsa.


ImageWe always build our own burgers but you can also select some pre-made combinations off of their menu. Make sure you get the sweet potato fries. They are some of the best in LA.

ImageHere’s a glimpse at what we all chose this round…


Loee got the 1/3 beef burger medium rare on a bed of  fresh spinach with tomato, onion, cucumber and feta with the garlic aioli sauce.


Jeff got the 1/3 beef burger medium rare on the multigrain bun with grilled red peppers, sauteed onions, baby spinach, tomato and the herb goat cheese spread with that same signature garlic aioli.


I got my usual, 1/3 veggie burger (with crumbling veggies and no sign of p√Ęt√©), grilled onions, black olives, pickles, pepperocinis and the herb goat cheese spread with a dijon balsamic glaze.


Joel got a 1/3 lb beef burger on the baby spinach salad with pesto, tomato, egg, pepperocinis, bacon, pickles, guacamole and the herbed cream cheese.



The restaurant is an easy sit down style and most have so many tables you rarely ever wait. There is a full service bar with a plethora of beers on tap. We have been to almost every location in LA and the service has always been great.


I mean, look at those happy faces ūüôā We just love The Counter.


The Wilshire location even has an awesome out door seating area. Dogs are welcome! It’s a perfect lunch spot for strolling Miracle Mile or visiting LACMA and the La Brea Tar Pits!


Of all the burger joints in LA, The Counter is at the top of our list. And don’t forget to check out the milkshakes and desserts!

The Counter has locations all over southern California (and even a few other states) You can read more on their website here.


Healthy EATS: Tender Greens

Let’s be honest. We are definitely comfort food people; soups, salads and breads are our favorites.ImageImage

I discovered Tender Greens during my first LA work experience. I knew that when Loee moved closer to me on the West Side Рshe had to see it for herself. We love it. Image

Tender Greens is a local LA chain that specializes in locally sourced health foods. They have a diverse menu of salads, hot plate meals and desserts.


They structure their menu around the “plate” option of choosing a salad, a meat or sandwich and vegetable side.¬†¬†Image

We typically opt for the salads/ plates options. My favorite is the simple spinach salad and Loee’s the¬†hot plate with the chipotle chicken, spinach salad and tomato soup.


At Tender Greens you get to watch the chefs prepare the food as you wait in line. It’s awesome to be able to see how fresh everything is and watch them pile up your plate as you wait.¬†¬†Image

*Thanks to George our new line buddy friend who held back the masses so we could photograph the line and who gave us A TON of recommendations for restaurants* Image

When you are trying to eat healthier, Tender Greens is our favorite option as the food is fresh, local, organic and you know that they are handling it cleanly. It’s great to see a restaurant so dedicated to supporting sustainable farming and Southern California produce purveyors.


The Tender Greens in Santa Monica is great because it is huge and there is always enough seating. They also have a nice patio dining area.


This time around we took advantage of the expansive dessert options with a celebratory carrot cake ūüôā We did a lot of walking and hauling camera’s so we decided to treat our selves.¬†¬†ImageImageImage

What is an added bonus at Tender Greens is that they have a small wait staff to help bus the tables and refresh your drinks. Loee loves their seasonal agua frescas and their ice tea and lemonade are delicious. ¬†Make sure you ask for one To-Go on your way out ūüôā¬†Image

The price point is higher than your Panera’s or smaller cafe’s but the quality and portions completely make up for it.

With six locations in LA, (and three more coming soon!) you will definitely find a smarter healthier option for a nice lunch or dinner.

PS The brownies are amazing, and they have some amazing vegan friendly desserts – YUM!

Check them out at



I love Pho. 

I didn’t always love this Vietnamese dish described as “a type of Vietnamese soup, typically made from beef stock and spices to which noodles and thinly sliced beef or chicken are added.” (google) Today, I find this warm spicy soup meal to be a bit of an addiction.
The other weekend my roomie left a note on the mirror that she wanted to take me out to lunch before we went shopping for her wedding dress. She had heard of this new restaurant in west LA called Phorage and wanted to check it out. Best. lunch. ever.
Phorage is nestled on the divide between west LA and Culver City just south of the 10 freeway on Overland Ave. 
Offering a streamline menu of traditional vietnamese delights (all locally sourced!), Phorage is an order and sit establishment where they bring your food out to you after you pay. The food is fresh and the quality of everything we tasted was amazing. 
Opting for tradition, we each had the “Mary’s Free Range Chicken w Chicken”¬†Pho. IT WAS SOOOO DELICIOUS. I love soup and I love texture and the flavors that mix in and throughout this dish have me salivating just writing about it. You have this incredible hot broth with delicious shredded chicken (no fat) and angel hair noodles. When you add the fresh sprouts and lime juice, it’s heavenly.
I even stepped outside of my comfort zone and put in a couple jalapenos and sweet spicy paste. 
Sarah chose to add the extra mushrooms and boc choy while I ate the simple pleasure that was this steamy soup on a brisk fall day.
The decor is really modern but cozy. It has little eclectic touches like this little drink nook. The mint water was so refreshing and complimented the pho so nicely. 
The restaurant may be small but by the time we left, it was filling up with late lunchers. 
I will definitely be frequenting this gem often. I have already been back since…
Check out their website and follow them on Twitter! They followed me back!



So I am 24 years old and I’ve never had sushi. It’s not that I never wanted to try it, but I guess I’ve just never had the opportunity (or never have given myself the opportunity). So when we went to¬†Tanaka Farms a few weekends ago, I told Ali we should get sushi on the way home. ¬†

Ali used to live in Long Beach, and one of the things she misses about being down there is I Luv Sushi. Now this is not your traditional sushi; we went for the “special rolls.”


If you go to I Luv Sushi on the weekends between 3:00 and 7:00 PM you can experience the great Happy Tummy Hour. We got 6 different rolls (more than enough food for all 4 of us) for a mere $30. What we ordered is listed below. Check out the video to see me lose my sushi virginity!

DSC_0047 DSC_0044 DSC_0038

Lynn Special Roll – shrimp tempura, imitation crab, cream cheese, jalape√Īo, avocado, fried

Fantastic Roll – spicy tuna, avocado, white fish on top, masago, fried

Jaws Special – spicy garlic albacore, wrapped in seaweed, no rice, fried

Sunrise Roll – spicy shrimp and crab, avocado, tuna, masago

Sexy Girl Roll – shrimp tempura, jalape√Īo inside, mango, masago, crunch flakes

Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice – mixed spicy tuna served on fried sushi rice patty

Baby Octopus




Novecento Pasta & Grill

Last Wedenesday Jeff’s dad came into town and treated us to a nice dinner out.

Wanting for him to experience one of our favorite LA nooks, we took him to downtown Culver City. Hidden between the 10 and the 405 this modern day Mayberry houses some of the best nosh on the west side.
As his Dad was craving Italian, Jeff chose a little restaurant called Novecento Pasta and Grill. This teeny little restaurant is nestled right on Main street a half block off the main drag of Culver Blvd.
For a little wedge-of-a-place the menu was pretty substantial boasting various insalatas, zuppas (love that word) pastas and meats.
I opted for the Insalata Novecento which included organic field greens (the fancy name for mixed blend) piled high with string beans, mushrooms, red onion, fresh tomato, black olives, and mozzarella. The dressing was a delicious house vinaigrette and they did not skimp on it one bit. Mmm what more could a health conscious Italian gal ask for?


Mine was also served with a delicious bread and homemade olive pate. (Sorry no photo of that)


Jeff got the Fusilli Alla Salsiccia, aka yummy rotini with mild spicy italian sausage covered in tomato, onion and a tomato basil sauce. I had a bite and it was pretty good. It wasn’t my Nana’s marinara but it was still quite tasty. I didn’t get a picture but Jeff’s dad got Pollo Al’erbe, chicken breast with rosemary garlic (literally) swimming in a sea of white wine sauce with saute’ veggies.
The price point was average for an LA restaurant – his Dad graciously paid for our meals – but if you are looking to save money, this probably isn’t the most budget-friendly place. Dishes are on average about $13.00 (11.95, 13.95, 15.95 etc…) They do serve a nice bread and oil app’ as well.


The atmosphere was soo nice. The place had a steady rotation of small groups (it only has about 8 tables) but never felt busy or loud. If you are preferring a little quiet dinner (they serve lunch too!) away from the bustling dine-ins on Culver, this place is it.

They have specific lunch and dinner hours and are unfortunately closed on Sunday’s