Santa Clarita Adventure

Joel and I woke up a few weekends ago and decided we wanted to go on an adventure. We had heard that there were bison up in Santa Clarita, and Joel loves bison, so we packed up the car and headed to William S. Hart Ranch and Museum. DSC_0031The Horseshoe Ranch is the retirement home of silent, western film star William S. Hart. It consists of 265 acres of land and includes various structures, animal pens, a small bison herd, park, gift store, and camp grounds. Its a cool little spot to venture around, great for families, and FREE!

DSC_0001After parking, we ventured to the museum/house. You have to take a steep and winding trail that snakes its way up past a dog graveyard. This is where William Hart’s beloved great danes are buried. These dogs had their own room in his house next to his bedroom.
DSC_0002 DSC_0003Next on the trail we found the bison. These bison were donated to the park by Walt Disney. They look pretty small here, but in person they are HUGE. Joel and I watched them for a long time before heading to the top of the hill to see the house.

DSC_0011The house is really amazing and still contains all of Hart’s original furniture, decorations, and film memorabilia. There are free tours every half hour. We waited on the front steps, with a surprisingly large amount of people, for the tour guide to greet us, and take us through the house.

DSC_0012The house is completely done in western style including Navajo patterns painted on the beams. There’s Willam Hart himself, this is a large painting of him in the formal dining room, riding his beloved horse Felix. DSC_0014This is the upstairs sitting/screening room. Hart had his own movie projector and projection room adjacent to this one, where he would show all his friends his silent films. DSC_0016 There were really cool Native American pieces all over the house. Joel and I loved these bookends and want them for our house. We would also love a couple of the paintings we saw inside, some were the original artwork from adventure books Hart had written for young men. 

After visiting the house and gift shop we left the park to find better views of the bison. From the top of the hill we could see a path running behind the enclosure fence where we saw joggers, so we knew we could get closer. We parked near by and found the path and watched the bison for a long time. Joel was in heaven, until one kind of charged the fence!IMG_2242

 We had a great visit in Santa Clarita, but I couldn’t leave with out getting a passion tea from It’s a Grind, where one of my favorite vloggers stops every day.

To learn more about the William S. Hart Park and Museum visit here.

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xoxo – Loee


DSC_0017 DSC_0026


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