It’s so Cool Haus

IMG_1044We love ice cream. We like to consider ourselves connoisseurs of the scoop. After walking about in the hot sun of Old Town Pasadena the other weekend, we were in need of something cool and delicious.


Ever since Jeff and I saw Cool Haus had a shoppe a block from his house, we knew we needed to add it to the “Check this place out ASAP” list. When we saw the infamous pink house sign illuminated on E. Colorado Blvd. in Old Town we knew we found our cool spot.





IMG_1048Pasadena’s Cool Haus is conveniently located in a communal dining hall with a juicery and a Pie Hole. Although their stand is small, their selection of flavors is great. They consistently rotate through seasonal and custom flavors. Since moving to LA I have pretty much become lactose intolerant, adopting the Soy/Almond/Coconut alternatives. I am usually quick to find a potential sorbet to quench my cool thirst first. But, this girl also needs a chocolate fix almost hourly so I was torn on which flavor to get at Cool Haus…when I saw it.

They have a Dark. Chocolate. Sorbet. What? Stop it.



It was sooo good you guys, you cannot imagine how happy I was to see two desires meet in such a sweet and stomach friendly synthesis of ice-creamy goodness. As they let you get two flavors in their one [generous] scoop option I also picked the Lemon Thyme sorbet. You wouldn’t think lemon and dark chocolate would work – but it did. It so did.



Jeff opted for the incredible complex and very LA chicken and waffles with Nutella mixed in. He wasn’t sure he could really taste the chicken and waffles flavor but the consistency of the ice cream was amazing.



IMG_1094 The scoopers were awesome and we sat and enjoyed our ice cream for a quite a little while people watching from the front windows.


Cool Haus may be be amongst my top LA dessert spots after that day. If you can, please check out their Culver City location or any one you can find near you. They also offer pints and Dry Soda Floats. Lavender and dark chocolate? Yes, that is pry happening next….


IMG_1092 You can check out Cool Haus’ website here. We plan on frequenting the Culver City Cool Haus…asap.

IMG_1084Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to check out our You Tube channel for more L&A!


xoxo A


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