Old Town Pasadena


The other weekend Jeff and I celebrated our 9 month anniversary. We wanted to make a day of it and do something really special. We had been wanting to check out the eastern cities for a bit and thought that the call for upper 80s weather was the perfect excuse to make the voyage up north.

IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041

We didn’t have a huge list of things to do – save for a park picnic, shopping and ice cream. Old Town did not disappoint on any of those. We made our way over from church in Burbank around 1pm. The traffic on a Sunday was practically non-existent. We parked in a convenient pay as you go garage (with 2 hours free) and made our way to Memorial Park in Old Town’s north east corner.


IMG_1030There was plenty of shady patches and we laid down with some home made tuna salad and Trader Joe’s favorites (I am addicted to the kettle corn and snap pea crisps).  We took in the sky and for the first time in weeks caught up with no agenda or timeline. It was wonderful.



From the park you get a great view of the downtown area (like a scene from a movie with couples holding hands, children on their scooters and dogs on leads); however, you also get a gorgeous view of the Angeles mountains.


After about an hour and a half of pure vegging-out, we dropped our picnic bags and made our way towards dessert 🙂 Walking around Old Town reminds me of being on holiday. There are a ton of boutiques and shoppes, beautiful window displays and everything is impeccably clean. It really does feel like a vacation town in many ways. Everyone was milling about with shopping bags, coffee and ice cream and naturally we had to follow suit.





We decided to check out Cool Haus, an LA chain of ice cream parlors we had yet to visit. It was located in a cool communal dining building and the treats did not disappoint. I will have a full review of Cool Haus up soon 🙂

After a brief break from the sun, we decided to walk up and down the streets and go into some stores. We made it out with only a few obligatory purchases for spring 🙂 and just had so much fun meandering about together. We wanted to make sure we checked out some of the land marks in the city. We caught the huge rotundra of city hall when we first lunched at the park and wanted to see this impressive building up close.





Pasadena City hall is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen in California. We were able to walk through the main entrance into the court yard. To our surprise it was filled with about half a dozen different photography sessions ranging from engagements to senior portraits. After I gawked at this beautiful ballerina being photographed we made our way back out.





We could not have asked for more perfect weather. The sun was beaming all day and I can honestly say it was just a little too hot outside – which I loved. We always welcome the chance to lose ourselves in discovering a new city.

We even stumbled upon a little hidden courtyard and snapped some fun outfit of the day pictures. We know that Old Town has even more to offer and we are already planning a return trip soon – so look out for that!


IMG_1130Dorothy Perkins tube top (old) Forever 21 waterfall maxi skirt (last season and perfect for sun burnt legs) Target sandals, American Eagle Aviators

IMG_1116American Eagle Slim Chambray Button Up, Stripe Shorts (Ross), white Vans, American Eagle Aviators


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xoxo A


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