Randy’s Donuts!

IMG_0792My dear friend Sarah is moving to New York City this summer. We are in the process of crossing things off of her LA Bucket List. Last weekend we journeyed over to Randy’s Donuts. For anyone who travels on the 405 regularly, this iconic giant Donut most notably marks the exits for LAX.

IMG_0793Although there isn’t much around Randy’s in terms of dining and entertainment, people just keep coming by this notable LA bakery. Randy’s has a fairly large parking lot and a drive up window for convenient donut acquisition. We decided to park and walk up to the main counter, reminiscent of a neighborhood ice cream shoppe.





We took a look at the menu and both agreed sprinkles would be necessary. We then gazed over the counter into the bakery and saw mounds of cream and jelly filled beauties and figured a couple of those were needed for good measure. Four donuts cost us around 6 dollars. We even got a bonus chocolate covered cream filled donut as a surprise in our bag!




We have to admit that Randy’s Donuts aren’t the best we’ve ever had. However, they lasted us through out the day (eating healthy on a weekend?!) and gave us a fun memory together at a famous LA landmark.




We suggest eating the donuts in the parking lot for that back-in-High-school-and-no-where-else-to-be feel. Make sure you grab enough napkins though, they can get quite messy.




If you are in the Inglewood area or need to pick someone up at LAX make sure to drive through Randy’s for a little something sweet 🙂 You can check out Randy’s website here. Don’t forget, National Donut Day is June 1st 🙂 Plenty of time to plan a trip to Randy’s!


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xoxo A


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