We always sit at The Counter

ImageWhen I first moved to LA, I spent a weekend in Hollywood with Loee and Joel. The very first restaurant they took me to was The Counter. It was their absolute favorite burger place and they wanted to take me there as a welcome to LA. Today, it is one of our go-to dining spots in the city.



What is amazing about The Counter is that you, the eater, are in total control of your meal.  They give you a pencil and a clipboard and you get to select how much meat you would like (or their veggie burger is INSANELY good), and exactly how you want it. You can get a traditional burger on a bun or top it onto various lettuce beds. The best part is…the toppings! Over 60 different veggies, cheeses and sauces are available. You can pick anything from grilled pineapple to fried eggs, from french gruyere to habanero salsa.


ImageWe always build our own burgers but you can also select some pre-made combinations off of their menu. Make sure you get the sweet potato fries. They are some of the best in LA.

ImageHere’s a glimpse at what we all chose this round…


Loee got the 1/3 beef burger medium rare on a bed of  fresh spinach with tomato, onion, cucumber and feta with the garlic aioli sauce.


Jeff got the 1/3 beef burger medium rare on the multigrain bun with grilled red peppers, sauteed onions, baby spinach, tomato and the herb goat cheese spread with that same signature garlic aioli.


I got my usual, 1/3 veggie burger (with crumbling veggies and no sign of pâté), grilled onions, black olives, pickles, pepperocinis and the herb goat cheese spread with a dijon balsamic glaze.


Joel got a 1/3 lb beef burger on the baby spinach salad with pesto, tomato, egg, pepperocinis, bacon, pickles, guacamole and the herbed cream cheese.



The restaurant is an easy sit down style and most have so many tables you rarely ever wait. There is a full service bar with a plethora of beers on tap. We have been to almost every location in LA and the service has always been great.


I mean, look at those happy faces 🙂 We just love The Counter.


The Wilshire location even has an awesome out door seating area. Dogs are welcome! It’s a perfect lunch spot for strolling Miracle Mile or visiting LACMA and the La Brea Tar Pits!


Of all the burger joints in LA, The Counter is at the top of our list. And don’t forget to check out the milkshakes and desserts!

The Counter has locations all over southern California (and even a few other states) You can read more on their website here.



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