Healthy EATS: Tender Greens

Let’s be honest. We are definitely comfort food people; soups, salads and breads are our favorites.ImageImage

I discovered Tender Greens during my first LA work experience. I knew that when Loee moved closer to me on the West Side – she had to see it for herself. We love it. Image

Tender Greens is a local LA chain that specializes in locally sourced health foods. They have a diverse menu of salads, hot plate meals and desserts.


They structure their menu around the “plate” option of choosing a salad, a meat or sandwich and vegetable side.  Image

We typically opt for the salads/ plates options. My favorite is the simple spinach salad and Loee’s the hot plate with the chipotle chicken, spinach salad and tomato soup.


At Tender Greens you get to watch the chefs prepare the food as you wait in line. It’s awesome to be able to see how fresh everything is and watch them pile up your plate as you wait.  Image

*Thanks to George our new line buddy friend who held back the masses so we could photograph the line and who gave us A TON of recommendations for restaurants* Image

When you are trying to eat healthier, Tender Greens is our favorite option as the food is fresh, local, organic and you know that they are handling it cleanly. It’s great to see a restaurant so dedicated to supporting sustainable farming and Southern California produce purveyors.


The Tender Greens in Santa Monica is great because it is huge and there is always enough seating. They also have a nice patio dining area.


This time around we took advantage of the expansive dessert options with a celebratory carrot cake 🙂 We did a lot of walking and hauling camera’s so we decided to treat our selves.  ImageImageImage

What is an added bonus at Tender Greens is that they have a small wait staff to help bus the tables and refresh your drinks. Loee loves their seasonal agua frescas and their ice tea and lemonade are delicious.  Make sure you ask for one To-Go on your way out 🙂 Image

The price point is higher than your Panera’s or smaller cafe’s but the quality and portions completely make up for it.

With six locations in LA, (and three more coming soon!) you will definitely find a smarter healthier option for a nice lunch or dinner.

PS The brownies are amazing, and they have some amazing vegan friendly desserts – YUM!

Check them out at



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