The Pacific Coast Highway Diaries #1

Jeff and I had planned to spend New Years Day inside, cozied up with a pile of snacks and Netflix. However, the sun was way too bright and the temperature way too warm to push forward with that so when our friends Pat and Michelle texted to journey up the coast – we said “YES!”
We started at the Bel Air Bay Club just between the Pacific Palisades where they start to kiss the Malibu Coast line.
The weather was so stunning, clear (thanks Winter!) and warm.
Pat and Michelle are fellow shutter bugs and we had the best time playing around with our DSLR’s (my camera is new – more to come on that!)
The exclusiveness of the Bel Air Bay Club (don’t worry the sand west of the fence is public) provided this little eden of coastline that we practically had to our selves.
After we had had our fill of the afternoon sun, we headed north to catch a perfect new years sunset.
We ended up at one of my absolute favorite places, Point Dume in Malibu, just north of the cliffs.
The first sunset of the year was so gorgeous.
These are the moments that make me feel so blessed to call Los Angeles home.
Here’s to a warm, bright and beautiful new year.
~ A ~

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