I love Pho. 

I didn’t always love this Vietnamese dish described as “a type of Vietnamese soup, typically made from beef stock and spices to which noodles and thinly sliced beef or chicken are added.” (google) Today, I find this warm spicy soup meal to be a bit of an addiction.
The other weekend my roomie left a note on the mirror that she wanted to take me out to lunch before we went shopping for her wedding dress. She had heard of this new restaurant in west LA called Phorage and wanted to check it out. Best. lunch. ever.
Phorage is nestled on the divide between west LA and Culver City just south of the 10 freeway on Overland Ave. 
Offering a streamline menu of traditional vietnamese delights (all locally sourced!), Phorage is an order and sit establishment where they bring your food out to you after you pay. The food is fresh and the quality of everything we tasted was amazing. 
Opting for tradition, we each had the “Mary’s Free Range Chicken w Chicken” Pho. IT WAS SOOOO DELICIOUS. I love soup and I love texture and the flavors that mix in and throughout this dish have me salivating just writing about it. You have this incredible hot broth with delicious shredded chicken (no fat) and angel hair noodles. When you add the fresh sprouts and lime juice, it’s heavenly.
I even stepped outside of my comfort zone and put in a couple jalapenos and sweet spicy paste. 
Sarah chose to add the extra mushrooms and boc choy while I ate the simple pleasure that was this steamy soup on a brisk fall day.
The decor is really modern but cozy. It has little eclectic touches like this little drink nook. The mint water was so refreshing and complimented the pho so nicely. 
The restaurant may be small but by the time we left, it was filling up with late lunchers. 
I will definitely be frequenting this gem often. I have already been back since…
Check out their website and follow them on Twitter! They followed me back!

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