Novecento Pasta & Grill

Last Wedenesday Jeff’s dad came into town and treated us to a nice dinner out.

Wanting for him to experience one of our favorite LA nooks, we took him to downtown Culver City. Hidden between the 10 and the 405 this modern day Mayberry houses some of the best nosh on the west side.
As his Dad was craving Italian, Jeff chose a little restaurant called Novecento Pasta and Grill. This teeny little restaurant is nestled right on Main street a half block off the main drag of Culver Blvd.
For a little wedge-of-a-place the menu was pretty substantial boasting various insalatas, zuppas (love that word) pastas and meats.
I opted for the Insalata Novecento which included organic field greens (the fancy name for mixed blend) piled high with string beans, mushrooms, red onion, fresh tomato, black olives, and mozzarella. The dressing was a delicious house vinaigrette and they did not skimp on it one bit. Mmm what more could a health conscious Italian gal ask for?


Mine was also served with a delicious bread and homemade olive pate. (Sorry no photo of that)


Jeff got the Fusilli Alla Salsiccia, aka yummy rotini with mild spicy italian sausage covered in tomato, onion and a tomato basil sauce. I had a bite and it was pretty good. It wasn’t my Nana’s marinara but it was still quite tasty. I didn’t get a picture but Jeff’s dad got Pollo Al’erbe, chicken breast with rosemary garlic (literally) swimming in a sea of white wine sauce with saute’ veggies.
The price point was average for an LA restaurant – his Dad graciously paid for our meals – but if you are looking to save money, this probably isn’t the most budget-friendly place. Dishes are on average about $13.00 (11.95, 13.95, 15.95 etc…) They do serve a nice bread and oil app’ as well.


The atmosphere was soo nice. The place had a steady rotation of small groups (it only has about 8 tables) but never felt busy or loud. If you are preferring a little quiet dinner (they serve lunch too!) away from the bustling dine-ins on Culver, this place is it.

They have specific lunch and dinner hours and are unfortunately closed on Sunday’s




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