L&A: East Coast Girls with West Coast Dreams


Welcome to LandAinLA! Our revamped Blog and YouTube Channel!

Growing up we always knew that someday we would make it to Hollywood. We spent a childhood planning and dreaming together, imagining what life would be like someday in Twinkle Town. We have been so blessed by the friends and family who supported us and our adventure to LA, and it has been two incredible years. Our path has been filled with amazing memories, friendships, and a few bumps here and there. But today, we could not be happier with the journey that’s lead us to California. It continues to shape us into the women we are and the women we want to become.
We want to share our story and embrace new chapters and change. From random vlogs about town to detailed posts about life’s many lessons, we want to start a conversation about the craziness of life after grad – as well as the beauty of Southern California. We adore travel, books and movies. We obsess over art, fashion and beauty. We dabble (a lot) in craftiness, food, and home decor. And of course we love Jesus, each other and our wonderful significant others 🙂
Los Angeles is such a special city and the places we go and the people we meet are so worthy of sharing. We wanted to create a space to not only express ourselves but to share with the world how and where we find adventure. Whether it is in the small everyday details of life or in a grand trip somewhere we have never been – we invite you to come along with us! Let’s explore LA together.


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