Manhattan Beach

Our first video – a visit to Manhattan Beach

On a hazy day in August we made our way down to Manhattan Beach California. We were eager to get some sun shine and relax by the water but when we arrived it was pretty cloudy. Thankfully we stuck around because after about an hour or so of laying out and napping 🙂 the sun came bursting through the clouds and lit up the rest of our afternoon.

We loved that we were able to park about a quarter-mile from the beach – for free – on the various residential streets located just up from Manhattan Beach’s main strip Manhattan Beach Blvd. (Look east of Ardmore Avenue) Walking down to the pier, seaside area we were so impressed by how many shops and restaurants nestled themselves onto the inclined Blvd heading down to the beach. It didn’t feel cramped or too commercial at all, like we just stumbled upon a little social gem. There were plenty of locals walking around, you could catch neighborhood kids running down with their surfboards from their beach houses and people out walking their dogs or visiting a near by VONS for groceries.

Although there were some vacationers around, you felt like you were just at the neighborhood beach. We passed a slew of bar restaurants most of which had outdoor or open air sitting areas and all the smells were delicious. There were even some little bagel shops and a Starbucks on the street for when you wanted to grab something light and easy.

The shopping was primarily higher end boutiques but there was a nice variety of fashion stores and all the windows held really neat pieces with plenty of local and trendy bohemian beach style. For the eclectic shopper, it’s a must but for the discount deal finder it may not be as idyllic.


The beach and pier itself were absolutely beautiful. There were the standard areas marked off for surfing and no shortage of large areas to spread out your towels and camp down for the day. There were plenty of volleyball nets set back against the edge of the beach area by The Strand and a bike path the wove right down the beach along the street.

At the end of the pier was a great little coffee shop and to our surprise the prices were in the 1-5$ range for the quick cup of coffee or tea as the sun began to set or you just wanted a quick ice cream cone. Fishing is allowed 24 hours a day off the pier and there are plenty of benches built-in.

After hanging out on the shore we opted to visit the amazing Manhattan Beach Creamery. When we passed it coming in it was packed so we figured it was a good place to grab some noms. We were so right. This cute parlor held high back chairs and tables and sweet treats souvenirs for any appetite. From Fro-yo to scooped ice cream and gourmet deserts (with cheap prices, like 2.50 for a huge slice of Cheesecake) you could find anything in there! Even special made ice-cream sandwiches.

All in all it was a great day at the beach and we will definitely be returning soon!


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